Eco Friendly Packaging Materials

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Compost


Reduce Your Footprint, Reuse Packaging, Recycle, Compost

To be as eco-conscious as possible with your shipping decisions, you want to start with the material you use to cushion and encase your precious products for its big ride. 

There are a ton of options out there, all falling along a continuum from eco-unfriendly to super sustainable. Ther WPS Team is more than happy to discuss your options and assist you with your packaging aspirations in reducing your carbon footprint. 

Products listed in this area have been carefully chosen and offer an improved sustainability outcome. The main focus is to reduce plastic usage or at least offer plastics produced locally &/or are made from recycled or recyclable materials to reduce its footprint.

Recyclable packaging

Sustainable Packaging

The most commonly used type of packaging these days is recyclable. 

Cardboard boxes, molded pulp forms, and paper-based void fill are used extensively to get small package shipments from point A to point B. The box and the cushioning within get thrown in the big recycling bin outside. Australia is a World leader in its use a recyled cardboard industry.

That paper goes to a facility to get soaked, chopped, cooked, pulped, strained, cleaned, bleached, and reformed. Many of the cardboard boxes you use are at least some percentage recycled material (the other being sustainably managed forests). 

WPS can offer you custom carton made from recylced material for volume buy requirements.

Reusable packaging

Sustainable Packaging

Reusable packaging can be one of the most eco-friendly packaging solutions available, but it is not often feasible for many businesses. 

Some of the more common reusable packaging examples in the world of delivery and shipping are kegs, glass milk bottles, pallets, shipping containers, gas cylinders, and plastic totes. This is a major part of the idea of a circular economy, which aims to completely eliminate waste. 

Compostable packaging

Sustainable Packaging

It is preferable that our waste just decay away quickly and feed the soil.  With compostable packaging, that dream is reality.

If compostable packaging does end up in the landfill instead of the compost heap, it will still degrade faster than other materials. So worry not. Compostable materials include plant-based packing peanuts, compostable mailers, bioplastics, and mushroom packaging.


We understand and support the need to reduce plastic usage in packaging. The WPS Team has endeavoured to reduce the footprint of the non-compostable plastics listed below by changing to locally produced plastics &/or offer plastics made from recycled &/or recyclable materials. For example, we have historically sold imported PET strap due to its cost. We are now pleased to be able to offer a competitively priced Australian made PET that is both recyclable and uses some recycled content.

We wish to support this manufacture that has its our in house recycling systems and has the genuine goal of increasing the recycled content in the strap.

Types of sustainable packaging:-

  • Corrugated Cardboard, Paper, Bioplastics, Compostable void fill peanuts.

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