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PPC Double Sided Adhesive Tissue Tape

Look no further when you need the best quality double-sided adhesive tissue tape from a trusted manufacturer and a reliable distributor. WP Supplies has a vast selection of double-sided adhesive tapes from Australia’s only tape manufacturer PPC.

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Double-sided adhesive tissue tapes have extremely good tack and can hold and secure products in place better than adhesive transfer tapes. It is a lightweight tissue with an acrylic based adhesive for good strength and lasting adhesion. It is used for mounting various objects such as laminates, cork, plastic and paper.

At WP Supplies, we have large range of double-sided tapes in varying materials, widths and adhesion levels, suitable for many applications. We are the chief Victorian distributor for all PPC products and have their entire product range ready to ship across Australia.

The double-sided adhesive tissue tapes find their application in the graphics and framing industry, and they are also used to stick seams temporarily in manufacturing and sail making.

Double Sided Cloth Tape

When you need superior quality adhesion that can stick to rough surfaces, you need double-sided cloth tape. At WP Supplies, we stock a large range of double-sided cloth tape from leading manufacturer and importer PPC. With the highest strength and conformity offered by cloth and extremely high adhesion levels, the double-sided cloth tape in stock at WP Supplies is very popular by contractors, tradies and individuals looking for top-notch mounting tape.

The double-sided cloth tapes are made of bleached cotton cloth and are used in laying linoleum, carpet tiles and carpet. They are also popular for mounting in the engraving and printing industry. The high adhesion levels and cloth materials are suited for heavy-duty applications.

Explore our vast collection of double-sided adhesive tapes from Australia’s renowned manufacturer & importer PPC. We offer assistance with our highly trained, skilled and knowledgeable customer support team to guide you to make the best choice for your requirements.

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