HVAC Foil Tapes

Best Quality HVAC Foil Tape

A HVAC system needs to be robust to ensure there is no leak at joints. A leak means a less efficient system and a loss of money. To avoid all these losses, it is best to ensure that your installations stay intact using high-quality HVAC foil tapes. All our foil tapes are proudly manufactured in Australia to Australian standards by PPC.

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WP Supplies, are the chief Victorian distributor of PPC products, including their versatile range of HVAC foil tapes for ductwork and insulation made with aluminum. The foil tapes are tested and compliant with Australian regulations and tested for low VOC emissions in green star projects. The primary application of HVAC foil tapes is in insulation, they have heavy-duty adhesives that hold aggressively. PPC foil tapes in ductwork are highly resistant to puncturing and abrasion but can be easily torn by hand for ease. They offer high tensile strength and are suitable for high-temperature applications. Foil tapes offer enhanced insulation by working well, even on irregular surfaces.

At WP Supplies, we are proud to offer the best HVAC insulation solutions for our customers, all under one roof at trade prices. You will find various foil tapes for insulation and ductwork in different widths and adhesion levels to best suit your requirements on our online shop.

Explore our range of plain and reinforced foil tapes suited to all HVAC duct insulations. Our customer support team are happy to assist you in making the best choice for your requirements.

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