Air Duct Sanitising & Disinfecting Solutions (Domestic & Commercial)

Proven and Effective Air Duct Sanitizers

Whether you are an individual or a business handling HVAC cleaning and sanitization, WP Supplies has the best range of air duct sanitizing products from San-Air the leading Australian brand of sanitizing gels and sprays, for all essential air duct disinfectants, including a car dispenser air sanitizers.

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San-Air products evaporates slowly and comes into contact with the airborne dust particles and pollen, which carry the bacteria and mould. These particles eventually contaminate your indoor space and affect your immune system. This contact with SAN-AIR™ causes the bacteria to die off and the mould to dry up, even down to the root system, which usually embeds in the surface where the mould is growing.

WP Supplies is the leading wholesale stockist and supplier of air sanitizer products that are extremely effective against a wide range of mould, bacteria and fungi. So, if you are a property owner, facility manager or a professional HVAC cleaning business, then WP Supplies has the best range of air duct sanitizers.

We are an Australian owned and operated business, striving to offer the best of all packaging, HVAC and insulation consumable products all under the one roof, at trade prices. We have an ever-growing range of products, and our goal is to provide the best of HVAC and insulation solutions with

expert advice and superior quality customer service to all our clients. As a concerned business partner, we strive to provide other businesses in need of air duct sanitizing, products so they can deliver better results while improving their bottom line.

Explore our range of air sanitizer products by Australia’s homegrown brand San-Air, made of 100% certified organic ingredients. We ship across Australia.

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