Reflective Films/Growers Films (AKA Panda Film)

Reflective Films/Growers Films (AKA Panda Film)

Avaiable in a range of lenghts (3m, 5m,15m & 30m).

Black & White poly is thick plastic sheeting that is black on one side and white on the other. It can be used to cover up windows, make partitions, cover floors and reflect light onto the plants. It is great for partitioning off spaces, as it is very tough, reflective, and can be handled on a daily basis without damage or tearing. The white side is highly reflects of all light.

With hydroponics, the more light your plants get, the more they yield. Hydro Film is double sided with a black side for facing to the outside to block out all light, and a white side to face towards the plants to maximise the reflections.



Key product information:-

  • UV Resistant.

  • Bonus roll of 48mm wide Australian Made Reienfored Tape with every 30 meter roll.  You have the option to upsize to a 72mm for extra $5.00 ex/GST

  • White one side black the other.

  • Total Light Block Out

  • Great reflectivity

  • Available in a range of lenghts. (3m, 5m, 15m & 30m)

  • 3 metres wide x 30m, and folded onto a 750mm roll.

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