DIY Duct/Vent Sanitising & Mould Removal

SAN-AIR tm is made in Australia from biodegradable materials, using 100% Certified Organic Ingredients at levels that are safe for people but highly effective against mould and bacteria. SAN-AIRtm can be used to eliminate air borne bacteria, mould and fungus in any environment where air is recirculated (any encosed/ indoor air space).

Benefits of using San-Air V3R Gel

  • Australian Made and Tested.
  • Safe in any indoor environment.
  • Minimise respiratory infection.
  • Reduction of airborne microbe contaminants
  • Eliminate contaminants growing within air-conditioning units.
  • Reduce sick building syndrome.
  • Reduce surface contamination.
  • Huge reduction in mustiness.

How does SAN-AIR™ work?

SAN-AIR™ evaporates slowly and in a short period of time comes into contact with the airborne dust particles and pollen which carry the bacteria and mould. These particles eventually contaminate your indoor space and affect your immune system.This contact with SAN-AIR™ causes the bacteria to die off and the mould to dry up, even down to the root system which usually embeds in the surface where the mould is growing.

Research by SAN-AIR™ and by international groups shows that 15 to 20% of deposited dust/soil/vegetable particles, which are the ones carrying mould and bacteria around in an environment, becomes airborne in an air flow stream. This airflow can be generated by a door opening, air conditioning being turned on, a person walking and so on. This 20% is what we breathe which causes irritation in our airways and reduces our immune defences  and eventually makes us sick if the surfaces in the occupied rooms are particularly dirty and keep giving off mould carrying particles.

It is this 20% that SAN-AIR™ takes care of in the first 24hours of exposure. Leave SAN-AIR™ to evaporate in an indoor air space and in 3 to 4 weeks one will start observing an effect on the surfaces


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