Hanging Straps

Top-Quality Duct Hanging Straps at Wholesale prices

If you’re looking for hanging strap for your flexible duct, you’ll find the best quality duct hanging straps at WP Supplies. As a leading HVAC consumables stockist and supplier from Melbourne we supply across Australia and strive to provide the best duct hanging strap solutions to our customers at competitive prices.

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Quality Duct hanging straps are essential in HVAC installations to ensure the proper placement and continuity of flexible ducts. At WP Supplies, you’ll find a range of duct hanging straps, and other HVAC consumables. We strive to make it easy for you by being a one-stop online marketplace for all HVAC and insulation consumables by adding new products to our range every day.

The duct hanging strap in silver offers the following specification and are in constant demand.

  • Flexible, fire-resistant, and provide a support system that distributes the load and offers lasting support.
  • Flexible duct complies with the requirements of AS4254.2 2012 – section 2.5.3(d).
  • Low flammability and Zero Ozone depleting potential in both manufacture and composition.
  • Cost-effective.

Top Quality Hanging Tape

At WP Supplies, you’ll find the best quality hanging tape used for securing flexible air ducts. The duct hanging strap or hanging tape from WP Supplies has the following specifications:

  • We stock regulation-compliant duct hanging straps
  • They have a low level of VOC emission suitable for green star projects
  • Superior tensile strength

Explore our range of duct hanging straps and hanging tape best suited to your HVAC installation. We offer our assistance with our highly trained, skilled and knowledgeable customer support team to guide you in making the best choice for your requirements.

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