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Pallet Wrapping Machine Australia

WP Supplies offers a range of automation in packaging, especially with pallet wrapping machines in Australia. We are the chief distributors for various high-quality pallet wrapping machines that are sure to make your business packaging operations efficient and effective. Whether you are a small business or a large one, looking for the ultimate pallet wrapping machines to ease your packaging operation, you can find them at wholesale prices at WP Supplies.

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From manual stretch film wrappers to semi-automated and fully automatic stretch film pallet wrapping machines, you can find varied options to suit your needs. WP Supplies is an exclusive supplier of Orbit Wrap range of pallet wrapping machines in Australia. They help remove human inefficiencies in labour-intensive work and help streamline your pallet packaging operations more efficiently.

Based on your needs, you can choose any of the following range of pallet wrapping machines.

  1. Turntable Pallet Wrapping Machine makes wrapping by hand quicker and easier, saving time and money. Forklift portability allows for easy placement throughout any facility.
  2. The OR-100MW is a mobile mechanical friction brake pallet wrapping machine. It is simple and easy to use. Compared to manual (hand) stretch wrapping, it can dramatically increase efficiency and profitability through lower film cost per load compared to manual (hand) stretch wrapping. Easy to manoeuvre and move around inside the warehouse.
  3. The Orbitrap OR-1000 pallet wrapping machine has been designed and built with economy, efficiency and safe operation in mind. These stretch wrapping machines will give you all the features you need to wrap pallet loads quickly and efficiently.
  4. The Orbitrap OR-2000 is a semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine that features power pre-stretch up to 250%, an Electronic screen with ‘Soft Touch’ control, Automatic and Manual wrapping programs, designed and built with economy, efficiency and safe operation in mind. Best suited to heavy-duty wrapping.

Explore our range of pallet wrapping machines in Australia from your local packaging supplies leader. We offer a price match guarantee and have a highly trained, skilled and knowledgeable customer support team to guide you to make the best choice for your requirements. Connect with us to ask for special account holders discounts.

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