HVAC Adhesives

HVAC Duct Adhesive Spray

At WP Supplies, we have the most sought-after and in-demand spray adhesives, suitable for sealing HVAC ducts and installing acoustic panels, house-wrap insulation foils & membranes and many other materials. The HVAC insulation adhesives are available in both 22 & 7 litre canisters and 500 ml aerosol cans for convenience. We also carry all the necessary products for the applications, such as spray guns, hoses, nozzles, cleaners, canisters holders, and aerosol cans at wholesale prices ready to be shipped anywhere in Australia.

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Whether you are a HVAC contractor or an individual looking to get your hands on quality spray adhesive, just check out our range on our online shopping platform. You could pick one of these extremely effective, long open time and excellent adhesion quality spray adhesives from our Dandenong warehouse.

At WP Supplies, we stock the popular and quality brands of spray adhesives from TensorGrip and HB Fuller. You can also find TensorGrip’s other quality adhesive sprays for upholstery (F20), acoustic panel (F40), and HVAC insulation (H30), along with their suitable adhesive cleaners in our online store at wholesale prices. We offer bulk order discounts and account holder special prices. Talk to us to ask for the prices for your needs.

The HVAC adhesive sprays from TensorGrip have some of the desirable qualities such as high tack level with long open time, which are required for upholstery, HVAC, insulation, and the carpet industry. They have low VOCs and are toluene-free and offer a soft bond line.

At WP Supplies, we have spray adhesives that can easily bond a variety of substrates, including foam, latex foam, polyurethane (PU), EVA foam, felt rug backings, open/closed cell foam and more.

Explore our vast range of spray adhesives suitable for all types of industrial requirements. We can assist you with our knowledgeable customer support team to guide you in making the best choice for your requirements.

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