Manage your own Sanitary Bins

Sick of paying a Monthly Service?

This is the ideal do-it-yourself system for your washroom! Simply buy the dispenser and then the refills

The TerraCyclic Bio Bin is a revolutionary biodegradable sanitary disposal system. The one of a kind biodegradable cartridges cut out cleaning maintenance, produce less waste, save on costs and reduce energy use.

  • Self-Contained cartridge refills remove the need for an external sanitary service company
  • Cartridges are 100% biodegradable, reducing the environmental impact
  • Self-deodorising to remove any unpleasant smells
  • Simple and safe refilling that can be disposed of in any general waste
  • Comes in 3 sizes to fit into any tight space or service any busy washroom
  • Carbon Footprint Accredited

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the units safe to use?
TerraCyclic have designed the units realising the issue of menstruation can be a sensitive one. The units are charged with a proven germicide that produces a vapor to protect the unit from the base to the lid. The unique design means users have the option to dispose of dressings without touching the unit. The unit is approved by MAF C32 and MAF QM ref 1317 approved for food, beverage, dairy farms and factories.


Can I dispose of the waste myself / or the cleaning contract cleaners or do I need to hire a Professional Washroom Hygiene Service?

If your facility is not health care related, then yes you can dispose of the waste with your general waste. In regards to the legislation, National Guidelines for Waste Management are as follows: 

Waste Management Information Sheet

Sanitary hygiene waste from shopping centres, child care centres, family day care, public toilets, restaurants and other facilities whose primary function is not health care related, is not classed as clinical waste and may be managed as general waste, subject to any local government issues.

How to use the refill cartridge:-





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