MagicSponge® is a revolutionary cleaning sponge that cleans with water! It is NOT impregnated with any chemicals at all. It is effective on any smooth surface including laminex, glass, plaster, plastic, wood, metal, fibreglass, vinyl, rubber and painted surfaces.



Safest classroom graffiti-remover available ?

  • Completely free of chemical hazards, ie. fumes, respiratory irritations, spills, chemical burns and surface discolouration

  • Can be used by students, teachers, lab assistants safely and effortless to clean their immediate surroundings


Environmentally Friendly ?

  • No chemicals at all!  Reduces wastes such as discarded sponges, chemical bottles, etc

Ease of use ?

  • Just soak with water and scrub, no training required!

  • Gentle scrubbing makes cleaning easy and less physically demanding

  • Does not visibly mark surfaces cleaned, eg. graffiti, "knock-marks" on walls, etc

  • Can be used by the professiona or novice alike - minimal training required!


Cost Effective ?

  • No chemicals, goggles, masks, respirators, gloves and other scrubbing tools required

  • No damage to paintwork, surfaces cleaned

  • Once implemented, surfaces cleaned will become easier to clean and stay cleaner for longer


Versatile applications ?

  • Can be used safely over various surfaces

  • Will remove the need for most other cleaning utensils - convenient!

  • Can be easily cut to a size that fits the required cleaning application, reducing wastage

  • Can be used by individuals sensitive to chemicals, ie asthmatics

Cleaning Applications:

  • Graffiti on walls, tables, laminated partitions, glass windows, colorbond, metal cabinets, etc

  • Removes oxidation (rust marks) from stainless steel sinks, cooking utensils, etc

  • Cleans fatty and scummy deposits off shower screens, ceramic tiles, bathtubs, fibreglass surfaces

  • Easily removes moss and mould from glass windows, outdoor furniture, aquariums, pool covers, boats, BBQ covers, etc

  • Scuff marks, texta, crayons, ink marks, white-out, food stains on any smooth surfaces

  • Permanent marker ink on whiteboards

  • General grime on walls, tables, light switches, plastic venetians, showers, cooktops, etc

  • Adhesive residues on filing cabinets, etc

  • Tea & coffee stains on cups, sinks, leather and vinyl

  • Kick marks on vinyl, leather upholstery in cars, homes

  • Luggage and furniture knock-marks in motels, hotels, homes, etc

  • Finger-prints, crayons and other children scribblings on walls at home

User Guides

  • Cut MagicSponge™ into suitable sizes with a knife.

  • Completely soak MagicSponge™ with water and squeeze out any excess water. (Never use MagicSponge™ with any chemicals or completely dry, best results when very wet.)

  • Gently scrub MagicSponge™ on affected surfaces and dry surface after cleaning. (Gentle scrubbing prolongs the life of MagicSponge™, gradually apply more pressure if stains/graffiti are resistant.)

  • Rinse MagicSponge™ regularly to remove grime trapped.

  • Thoroughly squeeze dry MagicSponge™ and store for reuse in the future.

  • Use and reuse MagicSponge™ until it completely diminishes.



  • Do Not use on any part of the human body and animals

  • Do not ingest

  • Not to be used on electrical appliances

  • Keep safely out of reach from infants and young children

  • Do not expose to fire or excessive heat

  • Use with caution on painted surfaces or glossy plastic surfaces. Test on inconspicuous area beforehand

  • Not suitable for heavy grease stains

  • Heavy scrubbing or use on rough surfaces will shorten the life of MagicSponge

  • MagicSponge will gradually diminish with use

MSDS available upon request.



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